• Complete Oral Care System

From common oral woes to uncommon oral problems, we’re here to help.

Everyone loves how it stops cavities, ends bleeding gums,

makes your breath crazy good, but did you know that

Complete Oral Care does some very uncommon things.

Whatever oral problem you have, Complete Oral Care with Periactil is pretty likely to help. Very often, Complete Oral can relieve the symptoms and sometimes

actually help with the affliction itself.

Customers have reported that Complete Oral Care has helped with many conditions far

beyond its amazing ability to stop cavities, control breath, brighten your smile, and reverse gum conditions like receding gums and gingivitis.

Customer have reported that Complete Oral Care

has helped with some unusual conditions.

For example, have you heard of or suffered any of these?

Sensitivity – rather than simply not irritating sensitive tissues, the Periactil in Complete Oral Care helps to reverse the condition.

Burning tongue syndrome – a chronic or recurring burning sensation on the tongue

Geographic tongue or erythema migrans – Where irritation on the tongue forms a map-like appearance on the surface.

Canker Sores or mouth ulcers – those painful little swollen lesions that form on the inner tissue of the mouth.

Oral Candidiasis – commonly called thrush, caused by yeast/ fungi. Variations are Candida Albicans, Candida Glabrata, and Candida Tropicalis.

Mask mouth – dryness, leading to cavities and gum disease

Salivary gland disorders – usually due to medicines or other diseases, dry mouth can lead to cavities and gum issues.

Glossitis – soreness or inflammation of the tongue.

Leukoplakia – excess cell growth resulting in white patches on the oral surfaces, particularly common in smokers

Behcet’s Disease – painful mouth sores can be part of the autoinflammatory disorder.

Sinus – Customers report using Complete Oral at bedtime helps to relieve sinus swelling for a restful night’s sleep.

Use Complete Oral Care morning and night. For addition breath control and oral protection, or if you have a painful or irritating condition such as listed above …

Try using Periactil between brushings.

If you have a condition not listed, feel free to call or email. We are truly here to help.

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Complete Oral Care System

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